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Trayvon Bromell - Freshman Year

Published by
Kwynn16   Jul 2nd 2014, 2:52pm

The 2013-14 school year has been more than exciting. Exciting is an understatement. As always, athletes rise, and incoming freshman make the big transition from high school to college.

Whether they were a national high school standout or placed at the state meet, they are all making some type transition. There’s only one question that remains: After four years (in some cases more) of doing this, what are you going to do now?

With the year now gone and summer in full bloom, people are finally settling down and finding time to relax and do the things they love. I thought this would be the perfect time to see what a new college athlete thought about their first year in college.


Freshman phenom Trayvon Bromell of Baylor University has had a very successful freshman year, making headlines numerous times.


Before we get into freshman year, let’s take a quick look back at last year with Trayvon Bromell, the senior at Gibbs High School.




Bromell’s career was just taking flight. Bromell ended his high school career second in the 100m at the 2013 FHSAA 3A State Meet. At the 2013 Great Southwest Classic in Mexico, Bromell became the first and only high schooler in track & field history to go sub-10 in the 100m. (9.99). He was named the Gatorade Player of the Year for 2013.

Later in 2013, Bromell won the Junior National Championship in the 100m at the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. As a result of that win, Bromell represented the United States at the 2013 Pan American Junior Athletics Championships, bringing home a bronze medal in the individual 100m and anchoring the U.S. 4x100m relay team to gold in his first international competition. He ended his high school career as a prominent figure in his school and his state. He ended high school a legend.



With his high school glory days in the books, Bromell quickly and quite literally accelerated with the Baylor Bears. Bromell  ran a blazing PR of 9.77 in the 100 Meter Dash at Big 12 Outdoor Championships, placing first. Only a freshman, and he’s already made a name for himself. Trayvon Bromell has already done so much and in so little time.


I was recently able to get in contact with Trayvon Bromell and see what he thought about his first year at Baylor University.

“I feel it was a great experience. I love the coaching and the whole staff and I feel like I accomplished a lot my freshman year. Coming in I adjusted quickly just by me already knowing people so I already had support coming in so I was good.”

As we’ve all heard before, we are students before we are athletes. Trayvon Bromell isn’t just hitting the track, but the books as well.


“They (his grades) were good and of course I could do better. Just have to just focus more, but passed my classes and hours so everything is good.”


I went on to ask Bromell how has training and workouts, as well as his school work changed since he’s been in college?


Bromell replies “Training is just more technical than high school; it’s a process that will help build on you so you will get better and for school the classes are just a tad bit hard

er but with the resources we have you can make it through.”


Everybody wonders what goes through people’s minds who are so big at such a young age once they hit the big stage. To Trayvon Bromell, it was just another race on another track. “My thoughts (coming into the season) were I wasn't going to let people judge me on what I do in the season because on my age. I wanted represent possibility, show people with faith in God anything can happen.”

After his first college race, he said he was calm. It wasn't that much to him because he treats every race the same.


Everyone has a defining moment in their life at some point. One moment for me was when I ran a sub-2 minute 800m my freshman year. Bromell recalled a defining moment that he had during the year. “When when my coach told the interviewers that one thing I didn't have to learn was heart because I already had it; and him saying that showed me how much I'm dedicated to this sport.”


I asked Trayvon how he felt when, as a freshman, he won the 100m at the Big 12 and NCAA Division 1 Championships. He said he felt good and it was a big accomplishment. He just hopes to keep running fast and most of all, make God proud.

With the year now finished, Bromell is one of the semi-finalist for the Men’s 2013-14 Bowerman Trophy Award, and is one of the youngest to be selected in the history of the award. Alongside him this year are freshman Devon Allen and Edward Cheserek of Oregon.


As everyone can see, Trayvon Bromell is a dangerous, and wanted man on the track. Outside of athletics however, Bromell is clear of the most wanted list.

I asked him what he did when he wasn’t running, and to give me insight of who Trayvon Bromell truly is, outside of being a national superstar.



A very true Trayvon Bromell answers

"Really all I do is recover and pray. Outside of that, buy shoes and school."

"Trayvon bromell is a humble , God praying kid that wants to represent possibilities."



In my time talking to Trayvon Bromell, I learned a lot. One thing I did learn was that his coach was absolutely correct when he said Trayvon Bromell didn’t have to learn heart. It’s clear that he already had it not just for track & field but in everything he does in life, from buying shoes to his true and valued relationship with God. Trayvon Bromell is one of those guys who are huge and in the spotlight, yet humble and down-to-earth. He’s the type of guy who everyone wants to be around. 

With one year of college in the books, Trayvon Bromell only has the USATF Junior National Outdoor Track & Field Championships (which will be held on July 5th & 6th at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon) left on his summer to-do list before he takes it easy for a bit. But it won’t be long before he’s lacing up his spikes and tearing up the track again. I, as everyone else, am looking forward to seeing what sophomore year will bring for Trayvon Bromell. Just like Trayvon Bromell, I know that God is going to do some great and unbelievable things with him. And with that, he is going to make Him proud every single time.

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